Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Twenty-Six Days and the great backpack debate

Twenty-six.  That is the number of days until my two "big kids" go back to school.  I do not know where the summer has gone!  We do have one more beach trip planned (leaving tomorrow woo hoo!) and a week of camp.  Then, that is it, back to school!  My son will be in 2nd grade and my daughter will be starting kindergarten.  It feels like just yesterday I was bringing my daughter home from the hospital, how can she be starting kindergarten already!

The kids are very excited about going back to school, riding the bus, seeing friends and finding out who their teachers are.  They are also very excited about selecting new back packs.  I am holding off on this.  I did complete the school supply shopping, but do want to wait on the back packs.  I would prefer to get them a LL Bean or Landsend backpack that they can use year after year.  They would prefer to pick their own backpack that has one of their favorite characters on it.  Fine by me - but they have to wait!  Every time we go to the store they change their minds!  Right now I think Hello Kitty is in the lead for my daughter and the Washington Capitals for my son. Last week we spent a good 20 minutes + in the backpack aisle of Target checking out all the options.  Then another hour searching on line!  I have not gotten them anything yet, becuase I know they will change their minds again!  I also am anticipating requests for new lunchboxes that match the new backpacks.  It never ends! 

The twins will not be getting new backpacks this year.  Last year was their first year of preschool and they each received a Pottery Barn Kids monogrammed backpack - these are good to go until kindergarten for them - which thankfully I have two more years to prepare for!

How do you handle back to school shopping for your kids?  Please share any tips and tricks!

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Twins Very First Day of Preschool - September 2011


  1. I told J that his backpack is still good from last year (it really is in great shape) and if he used it again I would give him the money to buy something while we are down at Disney!