Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Good Egg!

I just did something that I have never done before.  Of course, I just had to share!

I cooked the perfect hard boiled egg.  Some might call them hard cooked eggs.  Growing up we always called them hard boiled.  The egg is such a simple food, but one that gives me so many challenges when cooking!  Definitely my nemesis in the kitchen! I no longer attempt omelets - I can't do the flip and mine always burn.  My fried eggs are just as bad.  I burn those and manage to mess up the yolk. My eggs are pretty much limited to cheesy scrambled eggs for the twins made in a fry pan.  Or eggs cooked in the microwave that I throw a slice of cheese on.  The twins don't really like this version!

I still have not gotten to the grocery store since returning from the beach and wanted something easy to make for lunch, using ingredients I had on hand!  I decided on egg salad and just cooked the most perfect eggs for it!  Normally when I hard boil the eggs it is a bit of an ordeal - I need to call someone to confirm the cooking time or look it up on line (I usually turn to Rachel Ray!).  This time I didn't!

I filled my pot with cold water, added my eggs.  Put on stove until water came to a boil, then cooked for 9 minutes.

Which food item is your nemesis?  Do you still attempt to cook it or have you thrown in the towel?

Have a great afternoon!

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