Friday, August 10, 2012

Short Cuts!

I love a good short cut!  I love anything that will save me time.  Even better, anything that will save me time and money!

The Flat Iron
This morning I discovered another use for my flat iron.  Now, you know how much I love it on my hair.  This morning I used it to iron the hem of my khaki shorts!  You know what, it worked! If you are going to try this at home, please be careful.  Don't have it on too high of a setting and gently go over your hem.  You do not want to leave it on too long and burn your khakis.  (My disclaimer: Flat irons should never be left on unattended and never, ever left around children.  Momof4va is not liable and/or responsible for any burnt clothing or skin!)

Wrinkle Release Space
This is a product that I can not live without.  It has been off the market for sometime (at least near me!).  When I was still working in hotel sales, I would have a bottle of this stuff stashed everywhere!  I didn't want to show up on any of my sales calls all wrinkled - especially those days I had to wear a uniform (mom pants khakis and polyester hotel shirt that would still wrinkle!).  You could find this in my car, my desk, my bag, etc!  It is a spray made by Downey.  You spray it on your clothing, smooth it out, let it dry and like magic the wrinkles are erased!  This also does work if you spray your clothes while wearing them (the bottle doesn't tell you this!).  Just stand still for a few minutes after you smooth out the wrinkle!

Rotisserie Chicken
This is an excellent time saver.  They are quick if you need something last minute for dinner.  I also like to use them in the winter time as the starter for my chicken noodle soup!  They are a great deal if you get them at a big box membership store - I can pay $4.99 there. However, at the grocery store, I have seen them go anywhere from $7.99 - $8.99 and this really isn't a great deal.

What are some short cuts that you use?

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. A few favorites:
    1 - pre-cut celery sticks from Costco + peanut butter for snacks

    2 - 1 big (9 oz) can chunk chicken + 1 can cream of mushroom (or broccoli or chicken) soup + 1 head of broccoli cut-up + 1/2 cup shredded cheddar + 1/3 cup milk + 30 minutes @ 350 F (and you can add French fried onions to anything!) And if you have a little bit of rotisserie chicken left, use that instead. The dark meat is actually a little more tender!

    3 - Take the iPAD to the bathroom when you can steal away for 4 minutes. Do email or a quick game of sudoku :-) But I'll bet we all do this already, we just don't talk about it!!!

    Regarding the flat-iron, I informed my husband before marriage that I do not iron clothes. Mine or my kids, they just go out wrinkled or are wearing wrinkle-free cotton, LOL!!

    1. Thanks Cheryl! I am going to try out your 2nd one!!!

  2. I used to buy a similar product to the wrinkle releaser. It might have actually been that product. I have not been able to find it in a long time. It worked really well and made the clothes smell good too. Now, I throw a damp item of clothing in the dryer with the wrinkled clothes and it takes the wrinkles out. Thanks for sharing these fun tips on Multiples Monday on Capri + 3.

    : 0 ) Theresa

  3. Hi Theresa. I am going to try that dryer trick for the kids clothes! Too many to iron or spray! I found the spray at both Walmart and Target. My grocery store did not have it. Thanks for stopping by!