Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Art of Multi-tasking

Multi-tasking is something that pretty much all moms do.  I think when you are a mom of multiples you have to. You are outnumbered everyday!  It is very common in our house for me to ask my kids, "how many mommies are there, and how many kids do we have?"

I realized that lately my multi-tasking as gotten a little out of control! This morning I was sitting in my van in the parking lot of CVS.  Waiting for a prescription to be filled, giving the twins their snack, putting on a DVD for them and cleaning smeared chocolate off the car seat, all while trying to do a interview on the phone for my event planning company.  Not my best or most professional moment.  But the kids were actually quiet and I did get everything done. I am definitely guilty of the one more thing or more minute syndrome. Trying to get as much as I can done before the timer goes off.  Whether it is the real kitchen timer or the timer in my head before I need to start the next task or be somewhere.  My kids, especially my oldest son, are the first to remind me "Mom you burned our food, what is more importanter your work email or our dinner?"   Of course that is a no brainer. 

Sometimes my multi-tasking is actually successful.  When my oldest son is in the bath or shower, I will put the linens away (linen close is in bathroom).  Or, when my oldest daughter is in the tub, I will fold towels and put them away.  This way we can chat about her day,  I can keep an eye on her and make a dent in the never ending, ever growing laundry pile!

Are you a multi-tasker? What are somethings that you can do simultaneously that work for you and your family?

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