Thursday, March 29, 2012

Too Many Shoes!

I have never been a shoe person.  Shoes have always been about comfort.  Back before kids, when I was working full time, the majority of my day was spent on my feet running around a hotel and it was more important that my shoes felt good than look good.  Once the kids came, I really didn't need my shoes and usually will throw on a pair of flip flops or sneakers.   Until recently.......when my sister was home for Christmas she took me to DSW.  I had been there before, but it was always in a hurry.  Get in, get out.  Grab a pair of black shoes or boots on sale.  Praying the entire time that the kids don't knock over a display rack onto my head while I'm trying the shoes on!  When I went with my sister it was an "experience".  A little painful at first (sorry sis!), as she went down each and every row, stopping to look at shoes, touching everyone.  Circling back to her favorites.  She ended up buying me (after much protest) a very cute pair of black ballet flats.  Shoes that I thought I would never wear.  Shoes I did not want.  Shoes that I now love and need to replace because they are wearing out.  I wear them almost everyday.   I wear them with jeans, with skirts and with capris.  They are comfortable and cute at the same time.  My sister was even kind enough to point out that I am current with a fashion trend!

Last week I went out for drinks with the girls.  After being made fun of (with love!) by my neighbor for wearing my flip flops (they are Coach brand!) with a dress and told I needed to get some better shoes, I was inspired!  I was on a quest to find cute, affordable shoes without leaving my house.   There are several websites that make this promise and come through! (I know these have been around for quite some time - but they are new to me!)  I went online and ordered my first pair of wedge espadrilles.  They are soo cute!  I love them and cannot wait to wear them.  I also ordered another pair of ballet flats and a pair of crocs - but they dont' look like crocs.  They look like cute canvas boat shoes - perfect for the beach!   This is very rare for me.  I usually buy one pair of shoes a year - maybe.  To buy three, now that is excessive! (I hope my husband isn't reading today's entry!) But, I am very happy with my purchases - no buyer's remorse here.  I even found two other pairs that I am "watching" hoping they go on sale soon! (very cute - peep toe pumps and floral print wedges).

Now, however, I am left with quite the dilemma.  I have 7 (seven!) pairs of shoes that I want to pack to take on vacation!  I have always been the two pair of shoes kind of girl.  Wear one/pack one.  Now I am going to need a separate bag....just for my shoes!

Have a great day!

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