Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rolling vs. Folding

The packing continues!  Our goal is to leave in 50 hours, 23 minutes.  Not that I am counting!  We are beach bound and heading to beautiful Hilton Head Island, SC!

I have two kids packed and two more to go.  I also need to pack myself.  I have learned that I always spend at least 2x as long on the kids as I do myself. My oldest daughter attended a birthday party a few weeks back at the American Girl Cafe. (It was too cute for words!) But I did spend longer getting "Charlotte" ready to go out for the afternoon than me. Who is Charlotte? She is my daughter's "just like me" American Girl Doll!  I am hoping that by starting to pack early and sticking to my lists, I will avoid arriving at our destination with only 1/2 the things I actually need and scrambling at the drugstore/whatever store I can find to make up the difference!  The last time we were in Hilton Head was in November a few years back.  It was unseasonably warm and I didn't pack any shorts for myself.  Of course, I could not find any there, any where, because it was November and who buys shorts in November! I'm sure I will be scrambling late Thursday night to get everything finished.  Good thing Gray's is re-run once again!

In my family, there are two methods of packing - the rolling and the folding.  I am a folder.  Maybe it is from all of the year's I spent as a sales associate at GAP.  The folding is ingrained!  Back in the day, I could fold a perfect denim wall!  My mother and sisters are rollers.  They are convinced that by rolling you can actually get more in your suitcase and your clothes do not wrinkle.  I am not convinced of this and we will have to have a suitcase challenge one of these days!  I recently saw an interview with travel expert, Samantha Brown.  She is a fan of folding and suggested using cubes in your suitcase to help keep your items neat and organized.  She also suggested using every inch in your suitcase to pack in - in her empty purses she packed accessories and makeup. I'm going to try this!  I will also add looking up these cubes to my list!

If you are a roller - let us know!  Can you fit more in?  Do your clothes wrinkle?

Have a great day!


  1. I'm a roller! However I have fallen in love with these Space Bag Large Dual Use Vac or Roll bags. Walmart has them: We used them last vacation and they were great!!!! Walmart also has those Cubes you are talking about.

    Happy packing!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I will check these out. Are your clothes wrinkled? Do you fit more in??

  3. I think they are less wrinkled & you do fit more in with rolling. I think the bags keep them less wrinkled too and you can fit double in! Plus, they are great to keep the dirty clothes in for the trip home. You have got to try the bags!