Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Forward

Spring is here and is definitely in the air!  Last week we changed the clocks, springing forward by one hour.  We have had a hard time adjusting this year!   The weather has been so nice and it is staying lighter out later, making it difficult to get the kids inside to wind down and get ready for bed.  Since they are staying up later than normal, our mornings have been very rough.  The last few days, I have actually had to wake my oldest up which is a first for us!  We also are having many tantrums and cranky meltdowns in the afternoon.  My twins are pretty much starting to drop their naps, but I'm trying to institute a "mandatory resting period".  Wish me luck with this!  I am already envisioning the damage that they will do to their room!

With the new season not only have we lost the hour, we have added some new spring activities to our schedule, making us busier than ever!  This has caused a major backslide in the laundry department!  I did spend a good chunk of time last night attempting to get caught up and folding 4 baskets of clothes.  I did not do very well with my new policy folding or hanging things immediately upon removal from the dryer!

Well, I have one kid crying, one kid throwing a tantrum about her Lego wall being destroyed and another kid demanding a sandwich!

Have a good afternoon!

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