Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mental Health Day

Have you seen my brain?  I left it somewhere and don't remember where I put it!  That is the kind of week I have been having!

Tuesday - Drop off 5 year old at school, then go to post office to drop off some items that I sold on eBay (which is great!  I will need to do an entire entry on this! stay tuned!).  Stood in line with both twins (who were exhibiting their best 3 year old behavior - knocking down displays, spinning racks, making monkey sounds & pig sounds, running, dancing, etc), only to find out I used the wrong envelope to pack my items.  Went home re-packed up everything then went back again to stand in line to drop off my items.  Yes, I did have to stand in line because I was shipping an item to Canada and the maternity outfit that I sold could have been some sort of act of treason against our great Nation.  More animal sounds, spinning racks and dancing from the twins.  This time I got to stand in line behind a lovely woman who pointed out that my children's shoes were on the wrong feet (I let them dress themselves - does it really matter.  They were crocs!) and that my twins didn't look anything alike - and asked if I was sure they were twins! (I'm sure - I was there when they were born!)  Finally, a postal worker who actually was part human, came out from behind the counter and took my correctly packaged package.  This whole process took about 1 1/2 hours from my morning.

Wednesday - Drop off 5 year old at school, then head to go get gas, some groceries and a prescription.  It is time to pay and guess what!?!  My wallet is not in my purse!  Drive back home find wallet, then start all over again.  This took about an extra 1/2 hour from my morning.

Thursday - Get three little ones fed and dressed.  I go upstairs to get myself showered and dressed.  Look at the clock and notice that I'm running ahead of schedule for once, and decide to sit down for a few minutes.  Which is something that I NEVER do.  What happens next.... I fall asleep!  I also never do this!  I wake up 20 minutes later!  Barely had time to shower & dress.  No time for hair - it is a pony tail & hat day for me! (My secret is now out. I might as well also come clean & admit that I picked up one of my daughter's pony tail holders from the floor and stuck it on my head. It has sparkles on it and everything!)

On Thursday's I have my afternoon babysitter.  Normally I go and play tennis.  Today I was just not up to it and knew I would not be able to concentrate.  Instead, I called my neighbor to see if she wanted to go to the gym or Sam's Club.  She convinced me to go to lunch instead.  I am so glad that she did! (Thank you neighbor!)  I actually had someone bring me my salad and had a meal where I was able to sit down and eat.  I didn't have to get up and get something for someone else.  More importantly, I had adult conversation during the entire time!  I had a very nice visit with my friend and ran into two other ladies we knew from the neighborhood and had nice chats with them too.  I was gone for under two hours, but in my head it felt like I was gone all day.  I left feeling relaxed.  My headache was gone and I came out of my "mommy fog."  I had a really nice time, too.

When was the last time you took a mental health day?  Try it - even if it is for an hour!

Have a great afternoon!

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