Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shared Spaces

Baby A & Baby B Minutes Old
January 19, 2009

My twins are three years old.  I have boy/girl twins and they were born minutes apart.  Our Boy is Baby A and our Girl is Baby B.  They have very different personalities and are individual children.  But, they are twins and that is very cool. 

The twins share a room and are currently in toddler beds.  We will be transitioning them to "big kid" beds soon.  The other day Baby B asked if she could get a crib.  I automatically assumed it was for her dolls and gently explained that she already had a crib for Bitty Baby.  She answered, "not for my babies, for me and brother!  So we can sleep next to each other." They each have their own bed, but often still snuggle up against each other at night and for naps just like little puppies.  When I was in the hospital, I was actually scolded by several nurses for putting them together in the same bassinet. I insisted that they stay together, even though it was against hospital policy.

In many ways having twins is much easier than a singleton.  They have a built in playmate and have learned at a very early age to share and take turns.  We still have days when they tag team it and cause catastrophic double trouble throughout the house.  But, as they get older, those days are getting to be few and far between (thank goodness!).   

They don't quite get the word twins yet or the meaning.  They just know that in our family we had two babies at the same time.  When we are out and see other families with infant twins, my twins clap and shout "two babies just like us"!  I'm looking forward to explaining the whole "twin thing" while watching their special bond with each other grow.

Baby A & Baby B home from hospital and napping on dining room table in bassinet.


  1. That is a sweet picture. Good luck with your transition to "big kid" beds. Thank you for linkin up to Multiples Monday on Capri + 3.

    : 0 ) Theresa