Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Madness

We have seeds, games, teams, basketballs flying and the score is tied.  But in our house, we haven't watched even one NCAA game!  Just the March Madness from the kids! All on one Saturday too!

These kids are driving this mom mad!  Yesterday afternoon when I got home from taking my oldest daughter to ballet and walked in only to find out that the other three kids had not moved the entire time I was gone, I HAD IT.  Magically the floor was covered with toys, but no one was playing with anything.  Just sitting in front of the TV.  Apparently "Not Me" dumped out all the toy bins and ran!  That "Not Me" kid better find another household to terrorize! 

In an effort to lower the noise level, get the house picked up and get the kids moving; I turned off the TV, unplugged it and hid the remotes.  The kids thought that the unplugging was a drastic move, and were horrified (I should have taken a picture of their little faces!).  But, it worked and drastic times call for drastic measures! We had crying for about 10 minutes, then the kids got involved with playing and they completely forgot about TV.  One point for Mom!  We managed to clean out the playroom/office/library (this room is the smallest room in the house and by far gets the most use!  Very often all 6 of us are in here at the same time!), get some errands done, then spent the rest of the day playing outside.  All in all a productive day.

I am very happy to report that my kids played outside until dinner time, a very late dinner time.  I am also happy to report that the TV was not turned on for the remainder of the day! Until my husband discovered the remote stash, caved in and turned on Sprout after the kids had their showers. One point for kids - husband got penalty and benched!

Our TV is not on right now and while the house is never quiet, I love that the only sound I hear right now is of my boys playing (granted they are using parts of the new vacuum as swords to reenact a Knight Battle, but they are playing together & using their imagination...until someone loses an eye!).

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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