Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Running Late....

Why is it that whenever I am already late for something, bad things start to happen that end up making me even later?!  Some would say, Karma, other's would say Murphy's Law, my mother would say just slow down and stop rushing.  Last week when we were running late for school, I tore a contact lens.  Not the end of the world, but annoying nonetheless.  Today, something much, much worse happened!

My five year old daughter goes to a pre-K program five mornings a week.  Her school day goes from 9am - 12pm.  It is not the end of the world if we are a few minutes late for drop off, but we do always try to be on time.  It makes transition easier into the classroom and is helping prepare her for kindergarten.  Also, it's nice to have her go somewhere for 3 solid hours and actually learn something!  (those of you with preschoolers understand this!). 

Now, if you are late for pick up that is another story.  The school will actually charge you if you are more than 10 minutes late.  I'm proud to say that this has never happened to me.  Worse than paying the penalty fee, is having your kid be the last one in the classroom wondering where their mom is.  Today, she was second to last!

About 10 minutes before the "real time" that we needed to leave at, I started to round up the twins, gathering shoes, toys, everything we would need for the 10 minute car ride and herd the kids towards the door.  Of course at the moment, Baby A needs to go potty.  (He turned 3 in January and has mastered the potty!)  So, we put everything down for him to go.  He entered the bathroom and slammed the door in my face, saying he will be a minute and needs privacy.  After what felt like an hour later (it was only about 3 minutes!), he opened the door and asked me to help him with his pants (he picked out a great outfit today too - big boy khaki pants with zipper and button!).  I said no problem, only to discover that he kinda missed the potty....poop was in his pants and down his leg.  No big deal, we have 5 minutes, we will not be late.  As I am taking him back into the bathroom to get him in the tub, I discovered the catastrophic disaster that occurred....it was everywhere, on the side of the toilet, on the floor, on the rug, on the WALL.  Somethings you just shouldn't have to clean off the wall.  This being one of them!

We got him cleaned up and the bathroom clean and were on our way, with one minute to spare.  Thank goodness for Clorox!

Have a great day!


  1. I am sure that was not at all funny at the time...but what a funny story to look back on. That made me laugh. I may be writing a similar story some day. It seems pretty likely with four toddlers.

    : 0 ) Theresa

  2. Just have some clorox wipes on hand!!!