Monday, March 26, 2012

List Making

I come from a long line of list makers - my mother, my grandmother, my aunt.  I too am an avid list maker.  I have notebooks in different areas of the house - each with a different running "to do" list!  I have lists for my work, lists for the kids' school, lists for things to do around the house. I have tried making the "honey do lists" but they were never well received in our house!   My sister and I laugh about our lists.  She is a list maker as well, and we have even gotten to the point of making quick little lists of things we need to talk about.  As we get older (or, I like to think just busier!) we start to forget things!

The current list I am working on is a packing list!  Spring Break is next week and packing for a family of Six is no easy task!  I had high hopes of getting the majority of the packing done this past weekend.  That didn't quite happen - I was only able to pack one small tote bag! I did get most of the kids' summer things washed and tortured them by having them try on clothes from last year and the few new things I picked up to see what does and does not fit.  I currently have three lists for spring break:

-Kids' bag to pack for hotel (this one is done!)
-Things to Pack for Kids
-Things of list to buy at Grocery Store when we get to our destination

I need to make a few more lists:

-My things to pack
-Car snacks/activities (we have a 10 hour ride ahead of us!)
-Tennis things to pack
-Beach things to pack

Lists help me stay organized and also help me not to over pack!  It is inevitable that a few extra things get thrown in at the last minute - but this way I can avoid a lot of extras being thrown in that we won't use! It also feels really good to be able to cross things off your list - it is a visual that you have accomplished something!

My family loves to travel.  Before we had the twins we did take a lot more trips.  Now, we pretty much just stick to the East Coast and go to places that are drivable for us.  Here are some tips and tricks I have learned over the years:

-If you are traveling with a baby, and won't have access to a car, ship what you need to your destination.  This makes getting around the airport much easier.  When my oldest was a baby he and I would tag along on my husband's business trips.  We would always send a box to the hotel in advance that had baby food, formula, bottles, wipes, diapers, paper towels, etc.  This way I didn't need to worry about navigating a strange place by myself with a baby and didn't have to pay the high premiums that hotel or convenience stores charge.

-Pack some surprises.  Go to the dollar store or target (or where ever!) and pick up a few things for the kids that they have never seen before.  This can be some stickers, a new coloring book, a new story book, etc.  I also like to have on hand some "non-messy" treats that they do not have on a regular basis - lollipops and skittles are magic!  My girlfriend always picks up glow sticks - the kids love these and make it so much easier to spot your group when in a crowd.  We had these at Disney and they were so great!

-Keep a small notebook or pen in your diaper bag or purse.  Great to have on hand when making your lists!  But also can keep the kids entertained while waiting at a restaurant or airport.

-Put some band aids and tissues in your purse or diaper bag.  Go do that right now.  These are things that you should always have on hand anyway. I am now known to carry these and have passed out band aids to kids at birthday parties and even church.

-Pack some healthy snacks that can help stabilize blood sugar and avoid meal time meltdowns!  These can be for the parents too!

-Pack clothes that mix and match.  If you have a spill only on a shirt, no need to change out the entire outfit.  Also, if kids are going to be sitting for a long time either in the car or on the plane, pack things that are comfortable for them to wear: soft cotton, no tight waist bands.

As I continue to get ready for this trip and our upcoming Summer Vacation I will be sharing a lot more of our tips and tricks!  Please feel free to post some of your favorite travel tips below!

Now, I can go cross blog entry off my list for today!

Have a great day!


  1. I am the glow stick queen! And Ziploc bags! Always bring empty Ziploc bags on your trip for wet things you cannot attend to right away or things you might want to keep safe. Like your wallet or cell phone if you are going on a water ride or to the beach!

    1. Ziplocs are a must have! I bring them in different sizes - the larger ones for the gross stuff and small ones to pass out snacks!