Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Walk away....

-Making Dinner
-Helping with homework
-Fixing snack for five kids
-Having phone call with vendor for upcoming work conference
-Packing lunch boxes for tomorrow
-Asking kids to keep it down
-Playing Referee
-Helping find lost toy
-Thinking through action items for upcoming work conference
-Thinking about getting glass of water, finding Tylenol and using bathroom
-Cleaning Up Kitchen

About 30 minutes ago I found myself trying to do all of these things AT ONCE.  Yes, at the same time. I got everything done except finding lost toy (it is a laser gun that is better off staying lost!), getting the kitchen finished, taking the Tylenol and using the bathroom.   I plan to do those next.....but I wanted to walk away and put things into perspective. Walking away helps me to re-focus and re-group.  Getting my ideas, thoughts and anxieties down on my blog helps me to do that, too.

Have I set a new record in multi tasking?  Am I taking multi tasking too far that I am now ineffective?  Most likely yes.  (Overall, not a bad ratio of accomplished vs. unaccomplished).  But, my head is killing me and I need to pee! I didn't get to finish the kitchen and I hate leaving dirty dishes in the sink and "stuff" all over the counters. It gives me great anxiety.  My kids will tell you yes, I am ineffective (maybe not using that exact words - they might say stink) - I couldn't find the lost toy and didn't put enough sauce in tonight's baked ziti.  At least my vendor will tell you no - she couldn't see what I was doing while on the phone.  She got the info she needed for the meeting and she is a mom, so she "gets it" as far as the noise in the background.  My kids teacher will most likely tell you no too - hopefully they will never show up on my doorstep - healthy lunch is packed for tomorrow and my daughter's homework is done neatly & correctly! 

How do you multi task?  Do you feel like you have too much on your plate?  Do you multi task or do you prioritize?   How do you escape and take a breather?  Does taking a breather work?  Do you walk away, do you go to your "happy place" in your head?

I need to go find that Tylenol!  Have a great night!  And, I just remembered I forgot to set the timer....now the kids will have dry and burnt ziti.  Just like my mom used to make!  (sorry mom!)


  1. You do win a multitasking award. I multitask too in order to get stuff done. Some of my tasks get dropped off somewhere in the middle as I get distracted by another task though. I hope your headache went away fast.

    : 0 ) Theresa (Capri + 3)

  2. LOL - sounds like my morning routine getting all 4's teeth brushed, dressed, hair done, and breakfast with 4 little ones wanting 4 completely different things. No wonder my brain is mush.