Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jersey Girl

I have lived in Virginia for close to twenty years, and don't often admit it, but I am a Jersey Girl.  Was born in Redbank, near the Jersey Shore and in high school we moved up North to Morris County.  Here in Northern Virginia my family survived Sandy with no damage.  We lost power for all of 5 minutes, if that.   Like you, we have been watching the storm coverage on the news and following friends' postings on Facebook.  My heart is breaking for NJ.  We have family and friends still without power.  We have friends who have lost their homes.  Boardwalks I went to as a child are gone.  Lost at sea.  The coast line of the Jersey Shore has been forever changed.  My thoughts and prayers are with New Jersey.  As always, Bruce says it best....

Tonight i'm gonna take that ride
Across the river to the jersey side
Take my baby to the carnival
And i'll take her on all the rides

`cause down the shore everything's all right
You and your baby on a saturday night
You know all my dreams come true
When i'm walking down the street with you

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