Monday, October 29, 2012

It's the end of the world as we know it.....

Remember that old REM song.  Seems like lately, things are feeling kind of like that.  But, unlike the song many people are not fine.

For my friends, family members and readers in the path of Hurricane Sandy.  I pray for your safety.  I do hope that you will stay put and not take any unnecessary risks.  I also hope that you have water and supplies needed to ride out the storm.   Here in Northern Virginia we are preparing for the worse scenarios but hoping for the best.  

Last week was a crazy week for me between kids, work and house and I didn't get as many posts in as I would have liked!  I have lots to share on how we celebrated my 6 year old's birthday last week (great party tips!).  I also have some new cook once, eat twice recipe creations.  I'm kind of hoping the power stays on and I can get all of these thoughts out of my head!  If you do have power and need to do some shopping, Old Navy has very adorable dresses on sale for $19!  I bought two yesterday!  Here is a 30% off code too: ONTRICK.  Happy shopping!

I would also like to take a minute and ask everyone to say a prayer for the Krim family.  Marina Krim is a fellow blogger and Mom.  They are living their own personal hell right now and their lives are forever changed.  Heaven received two angels last week and may Leo (age 3) and Lucia (age 6) Krim rest in peace.

Stay safe.  Stay dry.

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