Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It Takes A Village.....

In the mid-nineties, Hillary Rodham Clinton wrote a book with that title.  The book detailed her concerns with today's children of the world, and what they needed to succeed.  She detailed on how it takes a Village to raise a child, and indeed it does!

I am so Blessed to have my Village.  My Village is made up of a variety of people.  Some live literally in my village within walking distance from my home, others are thousands of miles away, and some of my villagers, I have never actually met in person - but have a very strong on line support group with (us mom's of multiples stick together!).  I also consider all my children's teachers to be in my Village as they play a huge role in their lives.

I know that if I did not have my Village, I would not be capable of being a good mom.  With four kids, we often follow the "divide and conquer" mentality when it comes to activities and homework.  Some days I have four kids going in four different directions and rely on my Villagers for assistance!  My Villagers provide everything from lending an ear, to assistance with child care, to margaritas on a Friday night.

I am also Blessed to have been raised by a wonderful Village.  My mom was a single mom, working hard to support and raise four kids on her own, and worked full time.  We had wonderful friends and neighbors who helped us and I have so many great memories of spending time with these individuals.

Who is in your Village?  How do they help you?

To my Villagers, past and present, I thank you!

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