Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What's in a Name?!

Growing up, I was one of four kids.  Three girls and one boy.  Lots of pets.  I vividly remember my mother always mixing up our names.  I was always called by one of my sisters' names.  I don't remember her ever forgetting my brother's name, but I do remember her calling my younger sister Buttons, our dog, more than once!  I never understood this.  How could my mom forget our names.  There were only four of us!  But, then it got worse.  At the grocery store we would run into someone and I would have to whisper what their name was, whose mom they were and any other important information I might have.  This was a skill that came in handy when I was an adult working.  On sales calls I could always remember not only the client's name, but the name of their spouse, their children and where they took their last vacation.  At work functions it was very easy for me to strike up conversations because I always seemed to remember an odd fact or tidbit I had picked up, making that client or member feel really important that I remembered!
Sadly, those days are long gone.  Now I find myself calling my children by the wrong name on a daily basis.  Sometimes I even find myself saying, "you there in the red shirt".  Often I can get that out faster than the correct name of the kid.  I do mix up the twins and the boys and the girls.  Luckily I have never called anyone by our pet fish's name (yet!).  But this does also extend to my kids' friends, my Daisy Troop and even other adults.  Not proud mommy moments, I know.  What happened?  Is this just another example of "Mommy  Brain"?   I know there are tricks - when you first meet someone, use their name in a sentence when you are speaking with them. That will help you remember.  You can also come up with little sayings and/or associations that will help you remember: Sally who lives by the swing and is Suzy's mom with the Siamese Cat.

Recently I was called out on this.  I ran into a neighbor that I don't see very often.  I knew her name was either Karen or Lina.  But wasn't quite sure.  She even said to me, "Hi Kathleen, I'm Lina.  I wasn't quite sure you knew what my name was."  Of course, I tried miserably to downplay it, "Hi Lina, of course I knew that was your name!".  What I really wanted to say was, "Lady, I can't remember the names of my own children, how do you expect me to remember yours!"

Has this happened to you, or am I the only one!

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  1. Hysterical - and very true!! I'm in sales and have always had the same stroke of luck to have good recall for the little things. But not anymore!!! I have not yet called any of my 4 the cat's name, but I'm sure I will. Lord help us if we also get a dog!!