Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Vaccines are a pretty hot topic.  I am a member of several multiple clubs and was very surprised by a posting the other day. A parent of twins was not going to vaccinate his infants.  At all.   This parent was looking for feedback on this.   I did not realize just how controversial it is. (Because most of news comes from Disney Jr.  If it isn't on there, chances are I probably haven't heard about it!)   I also didn't realize what a "black and white" topic it is. People are very for or very, very against.  I was under the impression that once a child entered public school that they were required to be up to date on all vaccines.  Not so.  There are exemptions out there.  I was even more surprised to learn (from the World Health Organization) that in Western Countries, highly contagious diseases that were eradicated years ago by vaccines are on the rise: measles and pertussis to just name a few.

 There have been studies done linking mercury in vaccines to autism.  There have been other studies done, dismissing these claims.  I don't know what is right or wrong.  But for mom's who have seen immediate effects on their kids after they received a vaccine, you can't tell them that it is nothing, or there is no connection.

Last month I was at the doctor for a routine check up.  They notified me that my tetanus vaccination had expired (learned that it is only good for ten years! check yours!).  They also suggested that I get the pertussis vaccination.  There was an outbreak at one of our local schools and I am constantly around kids (my own, my Daisy Troop, my kids' classes - it never ends I'm surrounded  by kids!).  So, I went ahead and got the dtap vaccine.  The nurse let me know that it would hurt and my arm would be sore. Boy, was this an understatement!  Of course, I ended up having a reaction to it.  Day one I was fine, by day three I could not move my arm and had a lump the size of an orange at the vaccination site. Even now, six weeks later, I still have a little knot where the needle went in.

We do vaccinate our children, they are  current on their vaccinations and do follow the guidelines set by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  I personally, do believe in vaccines and want to protect my children.  I did, however, break up their vaccinations.  When my children were infants, they received all of their vaccines, just not all at once.  We spread them out.  By the time they were one or two, they were all caught up.

What do you think?  Have you vaccinated your children?  Why or Why not?

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Note: Today's Blog expresses my views and opinions only.  I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV.  Please consult a licensed health care practitioner for any medical advice.  Thank you! 

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