Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I see London, I see France

In most homes, the next line would be I see your underpants.  In our house it is the opposite!  My Baby A (now big kid four year old twin boy) does not like to wear underpants.  We have tried boxers, we have tried briefs, we have tried boxer briefs! He does not like them.  We have tried Scooby Doo, Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyear, Bat Man, Spider Man,  plain ones, ones with pictures.  You name them, we tried them!  He does not want them.   He will not wear them.  We do make sure they are not too tight, and have gone up a size. He will still not wear them.

On Sunday, we had a family birthday party to go to.  Our conversation with my son went something like this:

Parent: It's time to get dressed for the party
Child: Okay
Parent: You need to wear underwear
Child: No
Parent: You really should wear them
Child: No I don't, a birthday party is not a school day or a holiday

We have him convinced that it is a school rule to wear underpants, so on most school days he will wear them.  However, there have been quite a few days when he has gotten himself dressed and gone in commando.  The teacher's know, on those days his pants are on backwards, too.  They are cool with it and very supportive (thanks KUC!)!  Days he does wear them, as soon as he comes home he changes.  Usually he will put on his pajamas.  This kid likes to be comfy!

We have also told him that he needs to wear underpants under his uniform to Tae Kwon Do, because that is like school.  Last week he refused, and just wore his pajamas underneath.  It worked.  Master Chao didn't notice, or if he did, didn't comment.

The Holiday rule we must have told him along the way, and it stuck.  We have tried the underwear on vacation rule, the underwear in restaurants rule and the underwear when you go to the store rule.  Those, not so much and are hit and miss.  I was able to convince him to put some on for his four year check up a few months back. I really wish I took a picture of his thoroughly disgusted face when the doctor asked him if he liked Scooby Doo.  He responded with a very firm, no I do not like him.  Then the doctor asked, why Scooby's face was on his butt!  Needless to say, my son was not impressed.

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