Thursday, May 16, 2013

End of Year Ideas

It is that time of year.  Depending on whom you are speaking with, they will tell you it is the most wonderful time of year, or they may tell you  they want to change the calendars back to March!  End of School.  Summer of vacation.  Yeah summer, boo school is out.  My twins finish up their year next week.  Yes, next week.  Thursday, May 23rd.  One week from today.  Now, they are only in preschool for two days a week.  But I really like those mornings.  It is just enough for me to get some errands or work in and it is great for them!  I have seen enormous changes this year.  In their confidence and their abilities, both socially and academically.  But, I digress!

Summer vacation is just around the  corner. I know a few moms who have every single minute of their kids summer planned: camps, vacation, tutoring sessions, etc.  Me, not so much.  My older two are signed up for swim team and all four are signed up for two weeks of VBS.   We will be at the pool pretty much everyday and are looking forward to planning a few visits to the beach to visit Grandma. I am on the lookout for some camps.  I love using to find our camps!  I used that site last summer for two different camps and it was great!  We will definitely take advantage of living so close to Washington and visit the zoo and museums.  I like to get their early and avoid the tourists and other one million people from the area who had the same idea!  Now that the twins are four, outings and day trips are so much easier!

I need to start to get my stockpile together.  I have a few things from their birthdays and Christmas in my prize closet that I am looking forward to pulling out to keep them occupied during a summer storm!   I was at the local dollar store this morning, looking for ideas on craft projects, workbooks and activities to keep the kids entertained.  They might  be out of school, but I still need to work and I definitely want to avoid the summer slide! 

What are your plans for the summer?  What do you do to make sure the summer slide doesn't happen in your house?

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