Friday, June 22, 2012

What I learned from VBS

This week my children are attending a wonderful VBS (Vacation Bible School) Program at Potomac Baptist Church (  Or, Church Camp, as my kids like to call it! It is at a church at the end of our street and we know many of the families there from the neighborhood and many of the counselors there from attending other programs.  For my older two, this is their third year going.  It was so nice for them to be recognized by name and given hugs by their favorite teacher.  For my twins this is their first VBS and first "camp" experience.   They have been watching the older kids go for years and asking, asking, asking all the time for when they could be big and go too!  That day finally arrived!  Each night this week I was able to drop ALL FOUR of my children off from 6pm - 8:30pm.  No anxiety from any of the kids or their mom on being left!  I know that they are in safe hands, having fun and learning about God.  I love how this program teaches about God, the Bible and Christian Values on a level that my kids can understand and relate to.  I am also amazed with what all four of my kids are "getting" and retaining!

Each year during VBS the church has a particular service project that they sponsor.  In year's past it has always been a mission project to Malawi.  My 5 year old had been saving up spare change all year to buy a chicken in Malawi!  This year they changed the service project and my kids got on board immediately!  The service project this year is to support a local food pantry right here in our town.  It is at Guilford Baptist Church ( and I am embarrassed to say that I never knew this food pantry was right there in our town.  I drive by the church all the time on my way to Wegman's and never gave it much thought.

My kids asked to help in different ways - they gathered up baggies of change to donate, they gathered up bags of food to donate (5 full bags total and they selected the items and carried them all by themselves!), and they asked to give of their time.  Tuesday afternoon of this week the kids and I went to volunteer at the food pantry.  It was a terrific learning experience for all of us.  We stocked shelves, organized items (I was in OCD heaven!) and put food items away.  Even the twins were able to help out by stacking cans on the shelves.  We had a wonderful conversation on the way home in the car about how not everyone can go to the grocery store or order pizza for dinner.  This sparked some great ideas from my older two - on how they want to go back again and "bring better stuff" next time. 

If you live in the Sterling area, please consider making a small donation.  When we were there, the food pantry was completely out of protein items - peanut butter, tuna fish, canned meat, etc.  If it is easier, please drop it off with me and I can take it over.  Thanks for your consideration!

Have a great weekend!

Update - I have started making my lists and getting things together to pack.  If the passports don't come in, kids and I will go to the beach instead - because we will already be packed!


  1. Hope the passports arrive;) I never knew about the food pantry either, but will definitely be donating to them.