Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sanity Saver: Clear Gear is Here!!

Clear Gear - Equipment for Humans

There is nothing that I hate more than someone rummaging through one of my bags, trying to find something.  Whether it is my husband, my kids, the diaper bag, beach bag, pool bag, suitcase, etc.  The bag always ends up looking like it was destroyed by a pack of wild wildebeests.  Everything needs to be taken out, re-folded or re-sorted and put back in.  When you are a mom, staying organized is key. Especially when you are a mom to multiples, or multiples+ like me and always on the go!

I am always on the lookout for products that can help me stay organized and on track.  I also love products that come from small, local businesses and Mommy Owned businesses.  Clear Gear is THE product to help you stay organized!  They are sturdy bags, but function like a box.  Best part about them, they are clear!  So anyone can see what is inside without tearing everything apart!  The founder of Clear Gear is a full time stay at home mom and gets the challenges that we have with our kids and our households!

These bags can be used for pretty much anything you can think of!  First aid kit, DVDs, toy storage, craft/hobby supplies, packing on trips ,etc!  (They are perfect for Barbie Dolls and all the small pieces that she comes with - shoes, clothes, hairbrush, etc.)

You all know from my previous posts how I am with packing!  For our summer vacation we are headed up to Boston for a long weekend.  From there, we will get on a cruse ship and spend a few days at sea and in Canada.  I am already stressing and strategizing on what to pack and how to pack.  I have figured out that I will need three separate bags for each family member. (the kids will share suitcases so I am hoping we don't end up with 18 bags in the van!)

We need one bag for an overnight stay with the Grandparents (breaking up our drive to Boston). We need one bag for the long weekend in Boston.  We need one bag for the cruise.  That is a lot of bags to pack.  Plus, I will not have access to laundry facilities, so I will need to pack extra! 

To help me stay sane on our cruise I will be using Clear Gear! The bags comes in three different sizes and are washable!   The smallest size bag will be perfect for our prescriptions and OTC meds - epi pen, eye drops, Tylenol, etc.  The largest size bag will be used for toys to have in the car and on the cruise. The medium size I am going to keep for me and use for my makeup and "hair stuff".  I will let you know how it goes!

Please be sure to check out the Clear Gear website at:

They are offering a special throughout the month of June  - $5.00 off the purchase of a combination set of bags.

Happy organizing!

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