Monday, June 25, 2012

Making a list and checking it twice....

Bags Packed - just for the kids.  My new Clear Gear Bags ROCK!!!

No, I'm not preparing for Santa's arrival or Christmas in July!  I am preparing for our Summer Vacation!  Yesterday, I had a marathon packathon and spent about 4-5 hours upstairs making lists, sorting, organizing, doing laundry and packing!  While I did not leave the house at all yesterday, (not at all!), I was successful and completed my mission!  All four kids are now packed!

This was one of the trickiest "big packs" that I have done to date with the kids.  Tricky for a few different reasons - we are having multiple stops on our way to the final destination (I packed a bag for each stop) and we will be in various climates!  In Canada the highs will be 70 degrees and the lows will be 40 degrees, In Boston the highs will be in the 80's!

Here are some packing tips that worked for me:

I made my lists for what needed to be packed and stuck to the lists.  I also made a separate list to take with me of items that need to be moved from one bag to the next (sneakers, sweatshirts, toothbrushes, etc.).

I counted the bags and labeled each bag with the final destination.  This way when we arrive in Boston, the entire van does not need to be unpacked - only the bags labeled Boston can come out.  When we are at the cruise terminal only the "big luggage" can come out and we can safely leave the small bags filled with dirty clothes in our stow n go! I also counted the bags because we have been on vacation before when an entire suitcase got left behind. I can do a quick bag count and know that everything made it in the van.  (Luckily when this happened there was a Gymboree Outlet at our destination and Daddy bought Twin Baby B a new vacation wardrobe!)

My home -made luggage tags!

I packed a little extra, but did not go overboard.  We will try to re-wear and layer.

As I'm writing this, my husband is at the US Passport Office in Washington, DC.  Our agent at the expediting office was able to secure an appointment and assured us that we will have passports in hand within 48 hours.  Please cross your fingers and send some good "ju-ju" our way that this all works out!  I will let you know what happens!

Thanks for stopping by & have a great afternoon!