Monday, June 25, 2012

Twin Mamas Rock!

Have a little update on the passports - just got off the phone with my husband, he just left the passport agency and the passports will all be done after 2pm on Wednesday.  Canada here we come.  I'm sure our neighbors to the north will never be the same after my four go through!  Anyway, the lovely lady at the US Passport Agency (bet you never thought I would put all those words in the same sentence to describe a US Government employee, huh!) has twins.  She recognized from our forms that we had twins (not just two kids who had the same birthday like the lady at the Post Office thought!) and was extra helpful, pushed our "wrong" forms through, re-calculated the cost so we were no longer over paying and provided excellent instructions on how to pick up the passports on Wednesday, including her name and window number - just in case she was not there to help out!  A huge Thank you to Audrey at Window #8 in the DC Passport Office!!!!

If you are in or around Halifax or St John's Bay Nova Scotia I would love to hear some family friendly, multiples friendly places we can visit!  Thanks!

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