Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Does Canada Have Popcicles?

No passports yet, but we are planning on leaving Friday for vacation. I realized last night that this is the first trip in 7 1/2 years I am not packing a diaper bag for! I'm really looking forward to taking the kids to Boston.  I love taking them places that I went to as a child with my family, especially my dad. I know that his spirit will be following us around the North End.  I'm hoping it will guide us to some of the better bakeries!   I am also looking forward to seeing relatives in the Boston area.  My Auntie gave me some great advice on child rearing shortly after my twins were born, and it has become my mantra "next year it will be easier and next year I will tell you the same thing!"  She was right!  I am looking forward to seeing her and telling her that!

The kids are very, very excited and are cracking me up with all of their questions!

My oldest, age 7, is the most serious and has the most "grown up" questions: "Will they speak French in the part of Canada we are going to?  Will they take our money?  What money do they take on the cruise ship?" He needs to have his bases covered currency wise for all his "prizes"!

My 5 year old, doesn't really have any questions - just a non stop chatter box of excitement.  Hoping the passports come in so we can go to Canada, but just as happy to go to Grandma's beach house if they don't come in!  She is like her mama when it comes to the beach and that old song - Toes in the Water, Ass in the Sand! (did I get the order right!). She did make it very clear that she does not want to stay at the Westin in Boston, but would rather stay at the Best Western becuase Rocky & CC from Shake It Up Chicago are in their commercials and must be at the real Best Western! (if she only knew the differences in the hotels, right!)

The twins have been the funniest!  They are both 3 and have been very entertaining!

Boy Twin, Baby A: Is most excited about going to Boston, walking by the "Mr. Charles" River and staying in the hotel.  He has had a few questions!  "Does Canada have popcicles?  Will the cruise ship have a toy robot store? Because, I need a toy robot that works on a remote control. Will the cruise ship have hot dogs?  I like to eat hot dogs!"

Girl Twin, Baby B: Has been curious about the logistics!  She has been asking, "How will we get to Canada?  We don't have a ship? Will we have a bed on the ship?"

Thanks for stopping by and following our crazy pre-cruise adventure.  I smell poop and hope it is coming from the bathroom!  Will try to do one more post this week before we set sail.  In case I don't,  I hope that you have a wonderful and safe Independence Day!

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