Saturday, August 3, 2013

She's so lost....

That is what I heard my six year old daughter whisper to her eight year old brother the other day.  We were driving to camp.  It was the kids first day of camp and we had been there many, many times before. (My four kids did an awesome three day camp program at Pump It Up in Leesburg, VA. 9-3 each day!!)

Next I heard,  "Mom are you sure you know where you are going? Maybe you should just use the GPS.  It is there to help you".  Now, I am the first to admit I can't really read a map and I am challenged when it comes to directions and often I do utilize the lady that lives in the dashboard to help me.  But, not this time.  I really did know where I was going.  This did not put my daughter at ease.  She was anxious and she didn't want to be late to camp!

Then I started having flashbacks of when I was child.  My younger sister and I in the backseat of the station wagon.  Having no idea where we were going, and believing that our mom didn't either.  "Mom, maybe we should stop at that gas station and ask for directions" or "Mom, there is a lady walking a dog, maybe we can just ask her".  This was before the days of cell phones and GPS.  No lady in the dashboard to help us!

Thankfully, my children can read maps.  When he was a toddler my oldest would spend hours looking at maps.  Every time my sister would go to Disney, we asked her to bring back some Park maps.  This would keep my son entertained in the stroller our if we went out to eat.  Still to this day, when we are on vacation, I pick up a few of those "freebie" guide books and let my kids read them while we are waiting for dinner.

Are you direction challenged?  What are some tips that you use to help stay sane?

Thanks for stopping by & enjoy your weekend!

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