Thursday, August 8, 2013

I used THE Soap!

"Thanks so much, I love it! I'm going to save it."

"That is so pretty.  It is too nice to use.  I'm going to save it."

"Wow.  That is so sweet.  I'm going to save these."

How many time have you received something or purchased something for yourself and immediately said one of those sentences?  What are you "saving" these things for?!  I am a "saver".  I have a weird collection of items in my closet that are "too nice" to use and I'm saving them!  I don't know what I am saving them for, but let me tell you, when the Apocalypse comes, I'm going to look great in my cashmere sweater and smell great from my hand milled soap collection!

Last week we had a house guest.  He was very sweet and brought me some very nice hand milled soaps.  A few days later, my daughter asked if she could use one of the soaps in her bath.  My response, "no,  I'm going to save them".  She innocently asked, "for what Mommy?"  That stumped me.  I had no idea! Why I am I saving this soap? And why I am saving all of that other stuff?  Stuff that is too nice to use or wear.

I am not going to think like that anymore!  So, we opened the soap (oatmeal honey) and my little girl felt so special to use it and had  pretty, soft skin after her bath!

Are you a saver?  What are some of the things that you have been saving?  Me, mainly high end sweaters and soap. I do have some random things as well!  One of my girlfriends gave me a beautiful set of placements and napkins from India.  Before, they would have gone in the drawer, because I needed to save them and they were too pretty to use.  I'm proud to say they look beautiful on my dining room table.  Every time I walk by, I see the pretty flowers and think of my friend.  We haven't actually used the placemats yet, but they are out and I am enjoying them!  Now, I'm not about to put out my white hand towels with the embroidered shamrocks, because I know they will be ruined in minutes.  But, I do believe I have a set of Vera Bradley Paperclips in my closet that I'm going to dig out and put on my desk......

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day!

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