Wednesday, August 28, 2013

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Does your child require prescription medicine to be left at school?

My daughter needs an epi pen for her peanut allergy.  This is left with the school nurse.  The Epi Pen needs to be left at the school in the original packaging from the pharmacy.  This means I do not have the box or prescription number if I need a refill.  Yes, the pharmacist can always look it up.  But, I am all about saving time and I prefer to use automated systems whenever possible! 

Here is a little tip - take a picture of the prescription box with your phone.  Make sure you get the full pharmacy label on the box, including prescription # and pharmacy phone number.  You will have it with you pretty much at all times and don't need to waste time when you need a refill.

Also, if you are heading to a doctor's appointment, it is much easier (and quicker) to take a picture of all your current prescription medications with your phone instead of writing everything down.  This way you have exact dosage and can quickly pull that up along with correct spelling of medication.  I did this with a recent visit to my cardiologist and the nurse was impressed!

Have a great night!

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