Thursday, May 31, 2012

Water, Water Everywhere!

My kids love the water.  They love to swim in it, play in it, take baths in it.  One thing they don't love is to drink it.  I haven't really been a big fan of water either, so I'm sure they get it from my (lack of) example.  It has always been a struggle for me to get my 6- 8 glasses in per day.  This is something that I am working on, especially since I have stopped drinking caffeinated beverages (I will have occasional diet coke or ice tea, but no more than once or twice per week!). 

We are incorporating some tricks and tips in our household to get the kids to drink more water!  Recently, they all got new water bottles and got to pick them out themselves.  This is really helping!  The little kids see my 7 year old fill up his bottle and take it with him to school or lacrosse and they want to do the same thing.  We are having water when out in restaurants or at the pool.  When we are at the pool, water is the only thing that everyone is "allowed" to drink.  In restaurants, the kids love having their water in a "grown up" glass with lemon.  My boy twin is even at the point now where he will just order water and not have another drink.  We are also encouraging the kids to fill up their own water bottles and take them outside with them every time we go out to play.  The kitchen does often look like the site of a flood, but hey, it's just water!

What are some tips and tricks you use in your house to get your kids to drink more water?

Have a great day!

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