Monday, May 28, 2012

Decoration Day

Today is Memorial Day.  A holiday we celebrate here in the US to honour the men and women who bravely gave their life while serving in the US Armed Forces.

Did you know that this holiday used to be called Decoration Day? It started after the American Civil War when ladies would decorate the graves of fallen soldiers.  There is documentation that dates this tradition back to 1862 in Savannah, GA.

Today we spend Memorial Day with family and friends.  Kicking off the Summer Season.  In Washington, DC there are many other ways to celebrate Memorial Day.  The President will lay a wreath at Arlington Cemetery.  There will be a parade in the city and there will be concerts at the various Monuments.

Let us always remember that the price of freedom is not free.  Let us never forget those that paid with their lives for us to have this freedom.

God Bless!

Memorial Day 2009 at Grandma's Beach House

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