Friday, May 11, 2012

First Mother's Day

I received my first Mother's Day card in the mid nineties (I need a fact checker for the the exact year - I think it was '95?!).  It was from my oldest niece, who was a baby at the time.  I am her God Mother and it was a special card that I still have.  My first "Mother's Day" brunch was also spent with my niece.  Her parents were away and I was watching her.  When she was born I was still in college and I had the privilege of being her "nanny" two days a week and would spend time babysitting for her whenever I could.  This one time fell over Mother's Day weekend and my niece and I, who I believe was one or two at the time, took my Mother (her Grandmother) for brunch at a local Irish restaurant.  I know that everyone in the place though I was very young, single mother!  When the hostess came around passing out flowers to all the Mom's I politely returned mine, explaining that I was just her Aunt.  She gave it right back and said that Aunt's are important too!  My niece is now a junior in high school and it has been a pleasure watching her grow up into a beautiful, talented young woman.

My first Mother's Day as a Mom was in 2005.  I had one baby at the time and my oldest was four months old.  I'm sure there were presents and flowers from my husband and son (I'm know they were great - I don't remember! Sorry!).  But I do remember it being a beautiful, perfect, sunny May day.  We were living in Arlington, VA at the time, a few miles outside Washington, DC.  The three of us went to lunch in DC at Charlie Palmer's.  I remember being a nervous and tired new mom.  Trying to feed the baby his bottle at the table and hoping he wouldn't make a "fuss" in this nice restaurant.  I also remember our walk after lunch -  pushing my son in his stroller around the grounds of the US Capitol.

Motherhood is scary and wonderful and horrible (sore boobs and stretch marks!) all at once.  It is also one of the greatest gifts.  This weekend, Mother's Day will be spent with my four children and my husband.  I have plans to play Tennis in the morning, then we will go to brunch and hopefully strawberry picking in the afternoon.  I am hoping to have a quiet and relaxing day!

I would like to wish all Moms and Mom "Figures" (you know who you are - Aunties, God Mother's etc.) and very Happy Mother's Day!  I hope that you have a wonderful, relaxing day filled with Blessings and Love.

January 13, 2005 - when I became a mom


  1. Happy Mother's Day, to my oldest & dearest friend! Hope you have a great day!!!!!!


  2. Thank you! A very Happy Mother's Day to you too!