Friday, May 25, 2012

Four In Four

Within the past few weeks, I have met two amazing moms (one in person and one via blogging) that also had four children in four years (you know who you are & your stories are amazing!).  I knew that there were more of us out there, I just hadn't met any yet!  These women "get it" and understand what I am going through and how far my family has come!

Most people I meet (strangers on the street, in the store, etc), just assume that I had IVF.  They also think I am a little strange for having so many kids.  Well, I didn't have IVF.  (not that it is anyone's business!) For whatever reason, God Blessed me with my babies.  It wasn't in my plan, but it was His.  Also, I'm not strange (at least I don't think so, I'm sure my brother would tell you otherwise!).  Others might think I am rude or abrupt or always in a hurry.  I don't mean to be, I do try to avoid making eye contact!  But,  I am usually coming or going from some place and need to keep track of my "little ducks" who are removing all the candy from the display and trying to put it in their pockets and not have a conversation with someone in line  behind me at the grocery store about the weather, or whether or not I'm sure if my kids are really twins (I am so, so sick of being asked that! YES,  THEY ARE TWINS, I AM SURE I WAS THERE!).   

Here is my "Four in Four" story:

I had my oldest child in January 2005.  This was a difficult pregnancy.  At the time,  I was working at a hotel and was traveling quite a bit on sales trips. I was also on my feet a good portion of the day.  I went into labor at 35 1/2 weeks.   I called my doctor as soon as the office opened, I was convinced I was in labor, but my husband was convinced it was too much Baja Fresh the night before!  The nurse didn't think I was in labor on the phone, but told me to come in. (My doctor pretty much laughed at me and said I was wrong!) But, I showed her!  My water broke in the exam room at my doctor's office.  Long story short, due to size of the baby (9.5 lbs), my blood pressure being dangerously high and my labor not progressing, they did a c-section. (it then became a problem that I had a bowl of cheerios at 4am!  I didn't know I was in labor).  My son did have to be monitored the first night because of fluid in his lungs, but overall he was an adorable, BIG, red-headed baby!

My second child was born in October 2006. (Yes, do the math, 21 months apart!).  This was also a difficult pregnancy. I had problems throughout my pregnancny with my blood pressure and was at one point put on bed rest.  There was also one point when my doctor could not pick up the baby's heart rate during a routine exam and I had to go to the hospital for further testing.  I was also required to go regularly for exams at the antenatal center at the hospital.  Based on my first pregnancy, my little girl was born via c-section at 38 weeks.  A tiny, pink, beautiful, healthy baby!

Fast Forward almost two years......

In June of 2008 I found out I was pregnant again.  Normal pregnancy, off to a good start.  "Easiest" pregnancy that I had first tri-mester wise.  In September of 2008 I went in for my normal 20 week sonogram. (I think I might have been around 19 weeks).  Anyway, it was at this sonogram that I found out I was having not one but TWO babies.  The ultrasound technician, very casually said, you know you have two babies, right?  At that point I freaked out!!!  I was convinced that somehow the last patient's records were still up on the computer and that wasn't me!  Twins do not run in the family and this was a natural pregnancy.   The tech quickly left and brought in the doctor.  Very calmly the doctor asked me - would you have done anything differently if you found out earlier you were having twins?  My answer - No. 

My twins were born via c-section on January 19, 2009.  I was at 37 weeks.  The last few weeks of the pregnancy were touch and go - I did have to go regularly to the antenatal center (weekly this time), then did have to go in to the hospital to have the shot to mature the babies lungs.  I had a really bad stomach bug before the holidays and had become dehydrated.  My doctor was convinced I was going to go into labor on my own, too early.  My doctor also did tell me later that I would keep him up at night - he was afraid that my uterus was going to rupture.   When the babies were born, they were perfect.  Twenty fingers, twenty Baby A & Baby B!

We brought them home from the hospital after a two night stay, our oldest had just turned four, our second oldest was 27 months and still in diapers and the craziness began!

I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Weekend!

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