Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oops, I forgot!

I did something today that I have never done before.  I forgot to pick my 5 year old daughter up from school.  Now, I got there and was only five minutes late (and I wasn't the last mom for pick up either!).  But still, this was something that I have never done.  I try to be early and to stay on schedule.  This week our entire week has been off.  We were away all weekend, so I have been playing catch up around the house (I'm not complaining!  That is just how it is!).  It is also the last week of Pre-School for my three little ones and we have be operating on an alternate schedule.  Normally I pick my daughter up at 12pm everyday, except for Wednesday's, then it is 1pm.  This week was different and it has thrown me off! 

Monday after school my 5 year old had a play date, and I picked her up at 2:30pm.  Tuesday after school my daughter had lunch bunch after school and I picked her up at 1pm.  Today I should have also picked her up at 1pm, but lost track of the time!  Somewhere in my head, I remember saying to myself, she had lunch bunch yesterday, so today is Thursday at I pick her up at 12pm.  But I still lost an hour!  This morning was a little busier than normal with the twins. Quick trip to Wegman's and the pharmacy, then was trying to get some stuff done around the house. All of this with a sick twin who needs a little more attention than normal.  This took up most of my morning! I just happened to look up at the clock and it read 12:53pm and I panicked!  I was at school by 1:05pm and my daughter was very happy that she had a few extra minutes to swing!  My daughter was safe.  She was at school with her teachers. 

With the warmer weather upon us, please take a minute to check out Safe Kids.  Not all kids are lucky.  There are way to many children who are forgotten in cars or near water.  This is a great organization that has wonderful tips and articles on their website all about keeping kids safe.  They even have a link for a iPhone baby app reminder!

Have a safe evening!

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