Monday, April 23, 2012

No More Diapers!

I have been changing diapers consecutively since January 13, 2005.  That is 7 years, 3 months, 10 days and I'm not sure how many hours! Over the years,  I have no idea how many diapers that I have changed.  In addition to the diapers of my four children, I have also changed a few nieces during that time.

At one time, I had three children in diapers.  When my twins were born, my oldest daughter was 27 months and I could not even think about potty training her. We were in Survival Mode.    Right now I only have one child in pull ups.  My Baby B.  My baby girl twin who turned 3 years old on January 19, 2012.  Her twin brother was a piece of cake to train.  Just decided one day that he was "big" and didn't want to wear pull ups.  Now, he has also decided that he "won't wear no underwear" but that is a post for a different day, and he stays dry all night and during naps!  His twin has no interest in the potty.  We have tried stickers, candy, rewards, applause, singing, dancing and plenty of praise.  No interest whatsoever.  She will use it occasionally, but not on a regular basis and only on HER terms.  She does not mind sitting in a soiled pull up and has been known to even go and change herself.  Now, if a kid can change themselves, they should be able to go on the potty, right?!  I know it is about control and each child goes at their own pace.  We never force the issue.  We have encouraged her to be like her sister and brothers and use the potty.  I have my three little ones line and up to "go" just like they do at the twins' preschool. Every time we are at the store we offer (and usually purchase) "big girl underpants".  We let her pick out her own potty and potty books.  She just does not care.

I am getting ready to up the ante.  I am so tired of changing diapers and hauling the diaper bag around.  Most times I can get by with throwing a spare pull up or two in my person, but really, I'm ready to be diaper bag free.  We are going on a family cruise in July.  It is the cruise ship's policy children who are not fully toilet trained be allowed in the pool on board the ship.  I really do not want to be on a cruise in July staring at the pool!  I would love to take a trip without packing a week's worth of pull ups and wipes.  I have approximately 2 months and 1 week to get this kid on the Potty Train.  I'm considering pulling out the big guns.....the American Girl Catalog!  Two months of pull ups and wipes cost more than one Bitty Baby Doll. 

Now, this could be considered a bribe or a reward, like a bonus, for a job well done.  I'm ready to give it a try!

Have a great afternoon!

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