Monday, April 9, 2012

The Aftermath

Wrappers, empty plastic eggs & Easter grass EVERYWHERE!

No Bunny Is Safe - not even the nut free ones

It looks like Easter exploded in my house.  I am finding Easter Grass from the Baskets and decapitated bunnies everywhere.  I have been trying to contain it to one room of the house, but not having much luck.  Yesterday was an interesting day for our family.  The kids were super excited about the Easter Bunny paying a visit and went to bed without being asked on Saturday night.  Saturday night I was up way too late. It was close to midnight - putting together baskets and making homemade Easter Lollipops and Candy. This started out as a project that the kids and I were going to do together, after we colored our eggs.  But after having my hand burned and a step stool stepped on into my foot, I thought this was a project I should tackle on my own. (I was very close to the edge and still covered in blue dye after the egg coloring project!).

On Sunday morning, my oldest two were up before 5am and, of course, woke up the twins. The kids could not wait to see what the Bunny brought and get their hands in their baskets! It was very hard to get up with the kids - but they were so excited  - and that is part of the mommy job requirement, right?  We had reservations to go to brunch with extended family at 11am.  By the time that rolled around we had already been up for 6+ hours and the kids were starting to crash from their sugar high.  Not one of our finest moments at a restaurant!

What do you do in your house to ensure that your kids have the best possible Holiday, but that you also relax and enjoy yourself as well?  Is it possible to even have both of these happen at that same time?  Do you buy pre-made baskets?  Do you do your baskets in advance?  Do you just spend the holiday with your spouse & kids and do family visits another time?

Last night I was sitting on the couch reading (just finally finished Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - very good read!) and my 5 year old came up to me and said: "you know Mom, Easter is about more than baskets and candy. It is really about Jesus. He died for us and has Risen." That put it all in perspective and the rest doesn't really matter.

While Chocolate Bunnies were injured, no bunnies were staged!

In 2013 - No Easter Grass Allowed!

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