Monday, April 16, 2012


My oldest child is now seven.  When he was a baby and toddler I would take him on a regular basis to the "picture place" at the mall or Walmart to have his pictures done and I was always certain to take his picture on his weekly, then monthly birthdays and document any major milestone with both the regular camera and cam-corder.    When my daughter was born 21 months later, I still took pictures at home, but not so many videos and we went to have professional pictures done quarterly.  Once the twins arrived (27 months later) I mainly would take pictures on my phone and now go once a year to a professional photographer to have the kids' pictures done.  My oldest is the only one of my four children to have a completed scrapbook!  I know that this is very common and it makes me really sad.

 I was looking at a friend's pictures on Facebook today.  She also has twins and has posted all of these great pictures of herself holding both her babies and her mother holding both babies.  I am rarely in any pictures with my kids (I'm always behind the camera or "herding cats" to get together for the picture!) and realized after looking at these pictures that I have NO pictures of me holding my two babies. (for my friends reading today, if you have one, please send it to me!).

Here is your homework - go take some pictures of your kids and go get in the pictures with your kids.  Ten, fifteen years from now, it will be nice for the kids to see what they looked like when they were little, but more importantly, it will be so nice for the kids to have a picture from when they were little with their Mom (or dad! - we do have some dad followers too!). 

The mall places or big box stores are fine for having pictures done.  But I really like going to a "real" photographer.  You can definitely see the difference in the quality of the work and the paper the photos are printed on.  We have a wonderful photographer right in our neighborhood and she always manages to capture my children's true spirit and personality on film.  I think it is definitely worth the investment. Be sure to let the photographer know prior your session what your expectations are and any particular shots or poses that you would like to see taken. While we were on Spring Break earlier this month in Hilton Head, I did make arrangements to have some Beach photos done.  I did extensive research on the area photographers and had at length phone conversations with several.  After careful selection, I went with one.  We had our plan for shots all laid out before hand and unfortunately it just didn't work out during our session time.  We are going to try again next year and hopefully we will get the perfect family photo that I have envisioned.

Go grab your camera and have a great afternoon!

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