Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Great Sock Caper

Socks are a mystery in our house.  Either the washing machine is eating them or we have some sort of sock troll that comes out in the middle of the night and steals them all.  I think it is a little bit of both!  No matter how many loads of laundry I do (which since vacation I am WAY behind on! More on this later!).  We still never seem to have enough clean socks!  I know that sometimes people lose one sock out of the pair, we have entire pairs missing!  My five year old and three year old boy twin (Baby A) wear the same size shoe, and the same size sock.  This helps.  This morning my daughter went to school wearing gray "boy socks".  Luckily, she thought it was funny and didn't really care.  What I want to know is what happened to the pretty pink socks that I put out last night on top of her outfit?!  The outfit was there this morning, but no socks anywhere in sight!  What also helps is that my seven year old is very tall for his age and has pretty big feet.  In a pinch, I have been known to take his socks and wear them.  But don't tell anyone!

My mother recently gave me an excellent tip on socks: only buy one brand/type of socks and only buy white socks.  This way, you can bleach them and if one of the pair goes missing, you have an instant match!  Well,  I did this with my oldest son.  Just bought him a brand new 6-pack of socks that we opened up this week, and it isn't quite working out.  He has had three days of school so far, (wearing one pair each day) so there should be three pairs left in his bin.  I went in there this morning to grab a pair for myself and no socks left.  What happened to the other three pair??!  It is a mystery.

On to the laundry.....  When we go on vacation for extended periods of time, one of the things that is crucial to me is to have a washer and dryer in our unit.  We have stayed in hotels/condos where there is a coin operated laundry room in the building or down the hall, but you cannot beat the convenience of having a washer and dryer in the next room.  It is less expensive and saves time. You can throw a load or two in each day and you do not need to pack as much.   Also, it can be very hard to find rolls of quarters when you are on vacation, if you are not at a hotel property with a front desk!  When we were in Hilton Head last week for Spring Break we stayed at a wonderful time share villa.  We did have the washer and dryer in our unit and it was perfect for the bathing suits, beach towels and taking care of immediate stains!  We did throw a load in here and there, but I came back with bags and bags of dirty laundry.  I normally like to avoid this.  There is nothing better than returning from vacation with a suitcase full of clean clothes that just needs to be put away.  We had such beautiful weather and spent so much time by the beach and pool (which is a good thing) that my laundry just didn't get done!  I currently have three baskets of clothes that need to be folded and I need to go wash some socks!

Have a great day!

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