Monday, February 6, 2012


Empty baskets in a semi-organized laundry room!

no more tripping over laundry baskets!

I am the Queen of the Laundry Room!  I have conquered the clothes and I won....for now!  Thank you to everyone who contacted me with the tips and tricks that you use in your home to stay on top of this!  I spent close to 3 hours Sunday morning, sorting, folding and putting clothes and linens away.  There was a Nora Robert's Movie Marathon on Lifetime to keep me company while I did all of this, and yes, I watched a good part of two movies. (I never did find out though if Heather Locklear's character really did witness a murder, or was she going crazy?) 

I am going to try out some of the tips you sent to me this week.  I have also added some household rules I am going to try to stick to:

1) If you put it in the machine, you are responsible for taking it out of the machine!

2) If clothes are not in your hamper, they will not be washed! (today was the first morning my oldest did not leave his pj's on the floor!).

3) I will do one load of laundry each day. (Emergency loads can change this rule at any time.  Emergency loads - urgent stains, blood, pee, vomit etc.  Or when I forget it is "purple" day at school and there are no clean purple shirts to be found!)

4) Laundry will be folded or hung appropriately as soon as it exits machine! (please note in photo above:  green sweater hanging to dry, freshly pressed Easter clothes for the kids and neatly folded baskets of towels ready to be put away!)

5) I will put basket of folded laundry away within 24 hours.

6) Let the kids help - they can run clothes to their own rooms and fold towels and match socks!

I must say that the bedroom looks so much bigger and cleaner without all of those baskets of clothes! I currently have an empty washer - which is a first - and one load of sheets in the dryer.  The dryer is still running.  I will let you know how this new system goes.  Have a great day!

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