Thursday, February 2, 2012


Thursdays and I have a love - hate relationship.  Thursdays are my favorite day of the week so I love them (more to come on this), but they are also my busiest day of the week, so I truly hate, hate, hate them.  On Thursdays I go nonstop from the moment I get up until the kids are in bed.  Here is how my day has gone so far:

12:20 am Twin B comes into room - mama are you there?  Yes, I am here, pull her into bed with me.

3:20am Twin A comes into room - Hi Mom. What are you doing?  I am sleeping, it is still night night time, pull him into bed with me.  He shouts - there's sister!

5:02am 7 year old comes into room - Mom, I'm ready for school.  Me - it is too early, go back to bed.

Somewhere around 5:30 Twin A demands milk.  Husband goes and gets!  I am then entertained by Twin A's singing, talking and non stop questioning until I get up!

6ish - go downstairs look for coffee pot....then the fun begins:

Get all kids fed, get oldest to bus, come back in from bus, 3 little ones want 2nd breakfast.  Feed them again (and clean up the kitchen again). Put laundry in, make beds, clean 2 bathrooms. Give three 3 little ones shower, get them dressed.  Get myself showered and dressed.  Take 5 year old to school, then go to 7 year old's school for 1st Grade Award Ceremony. Go home and start lunch. It is 9:40am.

Over the next two hours, I will make lunch for the little ones and our Thursday afternoon babysitter and clean up the main level of the house (I have already scrubbed the powder room 2x today and it still smells like pee!), get some work done for a client (which I really need to start on!).  Get myself changed then go pick up 5 year old from school and rush home from school.

All throughout the morning I remind myself at 12:15pm our babysitter will be here and I will have a break.  Each Thursday I have a babysitter and I go play Tennis.  I have one hour and half.  Ninety minutes to myself one day each week.  I don't think about my kids, my husband or my dirty house and 5 baskets of laundry that need to be folded.  The ladies I play tennis with don't care that my house is dirty.  They care that I am there and that I can hit the ball back to them.  My coaches don't care that my house is dirty or that I left dishes in the sink.  During this time I don't care either.  I am able to leave my mommy hat at home and be me.  Now, I am well aware that I will never be on the pro tennis circuit.  My goal is to have fun, get some exercise and be able to play Tennis Socially with friends or my kids.  I started playing tennis last summer.  It was frustrating, it was hard, it was challenging, it was FUN!  I am not athletic or sporty - never played any formal sports.  Thought about quitting several times.  But I have a wonderful, supportive coach who keeps me motivated!  I now treasure my time each week on the courts.

After Tennis I do race home and pick back up where I left off.  I have about a 1/2 hour before I get oldest from the bus, then I have about 1/2 hour before we leave for his weekly OT session.  We get home around 5:15pm, then it is dinner, homework, baths and bed.  

How do YOU spend your Thursday?  Enjoy it!