Monday, February 13, 2012

I've Got A Dream

Rapunzel's dream in the movie Tangled is to see the lanterns gleam.  My Dream is not as a grand.

I dream of the day when I can use the bathroom in peace.  No one banging on the door, frantically shouting out to me as if I have been gone for a few years and not a few seconds. I dream of the day that I can walk in the bathroom and find it just how I left it.  Towels hung up on the rack, soap next to the sink.  No contents left behind in or around bowl!  I've learned to let go of the whole soap & towel thing, and could care less about the seat being left up.  If the wet towel and soap container are on the floor, it means my kids are washing their hands. Which is a very good thing.  But the flushing is another story....

Out of my four kids, two are boys.  They don't have the best aim (hence the where is that pee smell coming from in our powder room!?!) and mine don't always remember to flush.  But, someday my dream will come true!  (I hope).

Have a great evening!

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