Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Lunch Time Dippers!

My kids are good eaters.  This is something that I really don't notice on a daily basis or appreciate until we are around other kids.  Yesterday, my 5 year old had a friend over for lunch & play date.  Friend did not touch lunch, (lunch was something that Friend liked too) while my 5 year old and 3 year old each polished off two hot dogs (nitrate free, 100% organic etc. of course!).

We try to stick to a schedule for meal time.  But if my kids are hungry and the meal is not ready it is time for major meltdowns and mutiny!  I try to be prepared.  If I know I am running late or things are just taking longer than I anticipated, I put out some dippers.  What kid does not like to dip! 

In the picture above, on the plate to the left we have baby carrots, celery sticks and low fat ranch dressing.  On the plate on the right there are apple wedges and yogurt dipping sauce.  We buy the big containers of yogurt - this is vanilla yogurt with Cinnamon mixed in.

Some of my kids other favorite dippers are:

-Hummus with fresh veggies - I use store made hummus (we like the one from Sam's Club) and use the veggies I have on hand.

-Bruschetta with bread or crackers (Wegmans has a great brucshetta in a jar for $2.99)

-Bread Sticks with Pizza Dip.  This is a good one and we have be known to make a meal out of this!  The kids are involved with making this too.  For the Pizza Dip - soften cream cheese in microwave, top with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni slices.  Bake until it is all gooey!

-Pretzel sticks with cheese sauce or honey mustard

In case you were wondering, my laundry room is still in really good shape!  I have one basket of neatly folded kids' clothes to be put away.  An empty washer and a few things ready to come out of the dryer.  Only clothes hanging are clothes that are drying!  And, I also discovered the pee smell in the powder room.  It was the Dora potty ring seat.  I took the entire thing apart and scrubbed it.

Have a great day! Please share some of the favorite food items your kids like to dip!

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