Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just Because....

Please go to your children and hug them and tell them that you love them.  No reason, just because.  There are things in your life and in this world that will make you feel powerless.  Unfortunately, we cannot solve all the problems. But we can be powerful when it comes to our children and to our family.  We can show our kids the power of love and the power of prayer. 

I will ask a favor of you now dear friends and readers.  Please pray for a little boy who may be very sick.  His parents will not know until his test results come back.  Please pray for his parents to have the strength and courage both in themselves and in God.

Now, this child is not one of my four, but a child my family knows.  His story I heard this morning and his story is not mine to tell.  But I believe in prayer, and the power of prayer. I am fortunate to have readers in almost 50 different countries....that is a lot of prayers that we can get answered!

Many thanks.....

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