Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Picky vs. Particular

I am very fortunate that my children are not picky eaters. They will try new foods without being asked and if they don't like it they know they do not have to finish it. They love vegetables and putting together their own little combinations.  Last night at dinner they were dipping their broccoli in horseradish mustard!  We are anti-CPC (Clean Plate Club) in our house.  They do not have to finish everything on their plate, and I never want them to feel like they have to.  They need to make a good effort and eat until their "tummy has told them they have had enough".   We don't have dessert every night and they know it!  If they have not cleaned their plate, but had a good dinner, they can still have a small treat (we love fruit Popsicles!).   I don't understand when children are forced to clear their plates in order to have dessert.  In my opinion, isn't that just teaching our kids that it is okay to overeat? 

My kids love eating out in restaurants and for the most part can use their "nice table manners" while we are out!  We encourage the children to look at the menus and order themselves.  While we were on the cruise my oldest son did a great job of doing this pretty much every night!  He also ordered, on his own without being prompted!, frog legs and alligator fritters.  Those plates he did clear willingly!  In Halifax, he and his sisters tried a seafood chowder and could not get enough of it!  We ended up ordering a extra bowl.  In Boston, my 5 year old ordered lobster!  She prefers it without the butter, just in case you are wondering!

While my kids are not picky eaters, they are very particular eaters!  Foods cannot touch one another on their plates.  Crusts must always be cut off of sandwiches.  They will only eat homemade cocktail sauce and tartar sauce.  They will not touch the jar stuff with a 10 foot pole!  They will not eat vegetables from a can.  Don't get me started on the freezer section - no Stouffer's meals for my kids!  Sometimes this does make a few minutes of extra work for me...but so what, they are eating right!

 How do you deal with your picky or particular eater?

Have a great day!

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  1. LOL - Alara is like that, too. She will eat anything, but on her plate, foods cannot be mixed (unless she helps with the mixing) or touching each other!!