Thursday, July 26, 2012

Keep calm and don't forget to breathe

That was me Monday night.  During a 10 minute ride to the ER which felt like it took one hour.  During the 30 minutes we had to wait in the waiting room to see the triage nurse, which felt like three hours.  Trying to stay calm and breathe so I don't freak my three year old out.  The entire time I was freaking out and trying to get her head to stop bleeding!

My Baby B, my baby girl twin, the youngest of my four and very much the "baby" of our family, had a run in with a kitchen chair, and the chair won.  Four hours in the ER and five sutures later, she is fine.  Back to her crazy ways.  But, Monday was a very scary night for us.  This is what I learned:

-head wounds bleed a lot, a real lot
-three year olds are resilient
-if you are calm, your kid will be calm
-speaking in code is very important

My daughter left the dinner table, and was running to join her sister to play a game.  She ran head first into a chair, hitting the corner of her eye.  She missed her eye by centimeters.  When it first happened, I heard the thud, but she kept running so I thought she was fine.  No big deal.  She then came back in the room and said Mommy I cut my eye.  This was when my freaking out started  - there was so much blood running down her tiny face that I wasn't sure where it was coming from, or exactly what she did.  After I got her cleaned up, I could see the cut near her eye and knew she needed stitches.

On to the ER......once we finally were seen by a doctor, everything was fine.  They numbed the area and did the procedure.  It was very tricky to understand exactly what they were going to do - the main focus was for the hospital staff to be calm and reassuring for my little girl (while providing excellent care of course!)  and not use scary words like needle, oh no that looks bad, etc.  This made me freak out a little more!  She did great.  She hung out in the hospital bed, watched Aladdin and played a game on my tablet.

I know this happens, and it is part of life.  Kids get hurt.  They do silly things and have accidents.  I do hope that I never need to have one of my baby's faces stitched back together again.  Watching that, while holding her hand and smiling was tough.

This has been a tough week, too - keeping her head out of harm's way! I'm ready to wrap her in bubble wrap, head to toe! We need to keep the stitches dry, so no pool for us - normally we are there everyday!  Stitches come out on Monday and I think I'm more excited than she is!

Have a good one.  Please feel free to share any tips you have on keeping stitches clean and dry and how you handled your child's first injury.

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