Saturday, February 9, 2013

My AHA Moment

I had one of those "Aha moments" today.  You know, the ones that Oprah is always talking about.  The ones when a light goes on in your head and things seem to click and fall into place.

I was sitting in the waiting room at the Ballet Studio.  My oldest daughter (6 yrs) was happily tap dancing away in one room, and my youngest daughter (4 yrs my baby b) was happy in her ballet class.  I was sitting there, just me.  The boys were home with their dad.  Just me, my new iPhone, my kindle and a cup of coffee.  But, I was not alone in the room - I was sitting in the middle of utter chaos.  Saturday morning is not our "normal" time, so these were not "my people" in the waiting room, we were there for some make-up classes.  The studio had three classes going on at the same time.  Three classes full of little girls - girls that couldn't find their ballet slippers, girls that needed to go potty, girls that wanted to wear a tutu.  Once the girls went in, that left a waiting room full of parents and the girls' younger brothers and sisters.  A waiting room of toddlers, crying toddlers, toddlers that attempted more than once to take my iPhone with their sticky hands.  It brought back memories of when I was at the ballet studio and my oldest was three and I had my twins in the double stroller.  Trying to keep the twins entertained with bottles and cheerios. Trying to keep my five year old entertained with promises of stopping by the pizza place after his sister was finished.   This was back "in the day" before my iPhone and tablet!  Memories of watching the clock and 45 minutes felt like two hours and could not go by fast enough. Then I realized, I am done with that.  No more bottles, no more running up and down the hallways chasing babies.  No more crying "I want to leave, NOW!" (me and the kids would say that!).  I can now go and sit and drink my coffee and watch my girls.

I made it.  My twins turned four last month and I did it.  Now, I know that I did not do it alone.  I am very Blessed to have a hands on husband (most days - smile!) and a very wonderful support system of family members, friends and neighbors.  But we did it.  Our babies are four, our oldest is eight and our middle daughter is six.  They are wonderful, healthy, happy, curious kids. 

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