Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Great Back Pack Debate, Season II

It is not even July 1st and my kids are already pestering me about backpacks.  I mean asking me about backpacks.  I'm quite pleased that they are all excited about entering their new grades, but can't we have a moratorium on school supplies until at least August 1st?

Thank you Toys R Us for sending out the sales flyer promoting backpacks (it is actually a good deal, buy one backpack get a lunch box free).  Thank you Pottery Barn and Lands End too for sending out your fall catalogues.  My children will get new shoes and backpacks for school, but we will hold off on new school clothes until October.  If  I bought their fall sweaters and pants now, they would not fit my kids come the fall!  (Another bonus, here in Virginia it stays pretty warm until at least Columbus Day and they can wear their summer clothes with some new pieces bought at end of season sales!)

But, I digress from the backpacks.  My six year old is begging.  Begging and pleading for a Hello Kitty Back Pack on Wheels.  The backpack is only$16.99 and won't break the bank and it does come with a free lunch box.  I'm a little hesitant for a few reasons:

-It is June.  We haven't been out of school for even a month yet.
-Hello Kitty is this week's selection, next week it will be La la loopsy or something else
-I really do not like buying my kids "character" items
-I'm sure the super affordable $16.99 roller back pack will be broken by October 1st!

The little kids and I spent a great deal of time this morning on other websites.  Searching for a backpack that they would like.  I do want them to be involved in the selection, but would rather spend my money on a backpack that will last.  When my oldest started preschool 5 years ago, I bought him his first back pack at LL Bean.  We still have the bag and use it to tote toys and games to Grandma's.  It is a little small for him to take to 3rd grade!  But you get my point!

I think I will distract her and order the backpacks using my coupon from a brand website that I know that we will get a few years out of these bags.

Have a great weekend & thanks for stopping by!


  1. I agree the character bags just do not last!

  2. Please help convince Cam of that. You would think I am denying her food or water to hear how she is carrying on about this bag!