Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Playdates from HELL!

Folks, I need some help!

The last few playdates my 6 year old daughter has had have been quite hellish.  Now, I do not like to use that word, especially with children!  But, we clearly have some issues.  We always talk about the playdate in advance, plan snack or lunch and some activities to do. Her input is valued and she knows it.  We also talk about some toys that she might not want to share (American Girl Doll) and put those away.   I also try to schedule the playdates when the twins are at school so it is just her and her friend at the house.

She is going through a phase that my son did not go through.  She is bossy, she doesn't share.  She is mean to her friends. She is bratty.  I do not know where this creature is coming from!  We all schedule playdates to keep our kids occupied so we can get stuff done.  This has been backfiring on me with children coming in every 2 minutes complaining about something.  I am a big fan of working it out amongst yourself, but that just isn't working!  This morning I have spent more time as a referee then getting things done.

Any suggestions?  Eliminate playdates all together?

(Now I know with everything going on this may seem trivial.  I am so Blessed to have my children. But any suggestions would be appreciated!)

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